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Maghull town hall exhibitions

Roy Munday runs several art classes on behalf of Sefton Arts and the combined groups have now grown into a very lively art group where people come together to not only learn about doing art, but also as a social activity. There are no pressures put on people in any of Roy's classes - No certificates to achieve and which take away much of the fun from art and are worthless to most people. At the same time his art courses are structured according to the needs of each person. As with any group of people, you will find different needs and different abilities. Some people may have done art at school, then nothing for many years, but have a long desire to do it - And that's all that's needed. Roy can teach you the basics, starting from the beginning, learning how to draw up your subject, then on to tonal work, using charcoal. Then you move on to using paint, again, starting with the basics. A few weeks later you will start to learn about colour theory. Once you reach this stage, then you can start to think about working more independantly, but with Roy still offering help and tuition.

Above, on a recent visit to the Walker.
Left: members discussing a piece of work
on our trip to the Walker to view the John Moores Painting Prize, 2014.


Remember, there are art courses for adults in several locations on Merseyside, Lydiate, Hightown, Maghull and also Bluecoat in Liverpool. Members enrol in more than one group, depending on how involved they wish to be and how committed an artist they want to be. Members attend the general art class in the week, then once a month come to the life drawing class. Please contact us for more details.

sefton art group member working with palette knife                                                       sefton art group artist frank working on a big picture
Two of our members, Carol, engaged in a paitning using a palette knife...                            ...and Frank, working on a bigger scale than normal!....

some of the members of the sefton art group with their paintingsTwice a year, we organise an art exhibition for all members at Lydiate Parish Hall L31 4FQ. Left, members in the art class. As we are a community based art group, with the members mostly from Sefton, we enage with local schools and the wider community. In this photo below, one of our members, Steve, is presenting a prize to a local pupil whose entry won a prize for designing our Spring exibition poster.

prize giving to local school pupil for her design for art poster

If you think that joining a class might be a bit intimidating, don't let that put you off. Remember, everyone in the class have the same interest as yourself, plus they also felt the same. Besides, people join at different times, and they soon settle in. However, what I advise potential members is ..."Why not come along for one lesson free of charge?".... Then go away and make your mind up? There's no obligation. by coming along you can meet and talk to other artists about the art course.

LIKE TO RECEIVE OUR REGULAR NEWSLETTER? As we are a very active art group, one of our aims is to reach out to the local community and allow you to engage in what we have to offer, though you may not want to join our classes. We will inform you of what we are doing as a group, offering invites to any of our exhibitions or events. Plus, some of our members may be doing a special deal on paintings, or launching a print or seasonal cards and you can be among the first to find out. Also, inform you of any big art events taking place on Merseyside. Also, you may have suggestions of your own as to what you'd like the group to consider, or you may be part of another art group and would like to link with us to share opportunities. If you'd like to receive our newsletter for more information, email us: (we will not pass on your address to anyone else).

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Maghull town hall exhibitions